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Using a Wineglass to Display Your Miniatures 

Yes I said that – a wineglass.

No, I haven’t been drinking!  Well, actually yes I have … but not out of that particular glass. Because it’s plastic … and I bought it to display miniatures, silly!

Here’s the wineglass “right” side up.

This is an acrylic wineglass I got at the store, At Home.  I saw a couple of home decor articles that showed an upside down wineglass as a candleholder.   Then you “fill” the empty area with matching decor.  When people start selling them on Etsy, you know it’s a full-fledged trend.

I realized it would be perfect for miniatures!   Especially for my 1/144th scale kit from Robin Betterley, the Blue Sky Cafe.  I fell in love with this kit even though I keep telling myself 1/144th is too small.   It’s so fiddly and maddening to work with although the Betterleys do such a great job with their kits.  The directions are clear and they have nice helpful pictures.

When I finished the cafe and the furniture, I fit-tested the wineglass on top and voila!  It just barely fit.   I got some cardboard that I cut into a circle, glued green paper on in case you could see any of it under the base of the cafe, and then glued the base/cafe to the cardboard.  Once that dried, I glued the cardboard and cafe inside the wineglass and then glued gimp trim around the edge to make it look pretty.  Trims make everything pretty.


Some close-up photos of the cafe and the interior:

8 thoughts on “Using a Wineglass to Display Your Miniatures ”

  1. I am in awe of your talent and Robin’s as well. I have collected mini’s since I can remember. As a result I am now giving some to my grand children and am making them myself. Amateur at best, but they are made with love and the most fun I’ve ever had. I am addicted to seeing them, looking at the detail, watching YouTube, all sorts of blogs and web sites, Pinterest, making them….it’s infinite and I’m so glad! Thank you for always teaching, enlightening, delighting and sharing with us the delights of the Mini World.

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    1. Thank you for your delightful comment! I am addicted as well. Miniatures are a great thing to be addicted to, in my opinion. I’ve been doing Miniatures for over 20 years and I still consider myself an amateur. Like you said, it’s infinite and there is always something new to learn.


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