Making Leather with … Paint!

Reupholstering miniature furniture is sooooo hard. Who’s got time for that?  

A few months ago, I was staring at two light green armchairs in my paneled library roombox.  “Nooooooo”, I kept thinking, “that light green color totally works”.  And “silk is the new leather.” 

Eventually I bowed to the inevitable: only dark green leather armchairs would work.   There’s a reason things become cliche. 

Because they look GOOD!  Because I took the lazy way out and I painted them with fabric paint.  

 But here’s the IMPORTANT part!!! There’s two steps:

  1. Use “Slick” fabric paint mixed with regular fabric paint. You want it to have a little sheen, a little slickness.
  2. Once the paint has thoroughly dried, rub clear furniture wax all over it and then buff with a soft cloth to get the leather look.

Yay, soooooo easy!

6 thoughts on “Making Leather with … Paint!”

  1. Hi Kim,
    What is “slick” fabric paint? I have assorted types of fabric paint but nothing either named this or that definitely stands out as particularly slick. Sounds like an interesting technique!


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