Getting Unstuck

A lot of times I have too many projects going and I get indecisive about what to take on next … or I get stuck when something isn’t working … or I’m out of a particular supply (this almost never happens! I’m a hoarder!).

When I feel this confusion, I go back to “finished” projects and try to take a fresh eye. Was there something else I should have done but was rushing to get finished? Or maybe there was a piece of furniture or accessory that I didn’t have the budget for at the time? Or … (and this is my favorite!) have I learned a NEW technique that I could use?

Just the other day I was looking at my gypsy wagon. I finished this project in 2009. All of a sudden, the two books on my shelf stuck out like a sore thumb. I realized it was because the pages were white. So the books didn’t look as expensive or as antique as you would expect for a gypsy wagon.

Well, that is an easy fix! I grabbed my gold Sharpie and “gilded” the edges. Check out the photo showing one book before and one after. Much better! And the second photo shows both books “gilded”.

Now go take a look at your finished projects and let me know if you find any areas for improvement!

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