3D: Free to be You and Me!

Have you seen the 3D printed reproductions of REAL people? This is one of the most revolutionary inventions for miniatures that has come out of the technology boom. Now we can be in our miniature settings!!

Of course I have been dying to try this out. At the Good Sam show in October 2017, we were able to have a group from Holodeck 3D Studios come to the show and take “3D” photos that you could later have printed.

How was I going to choose which room to be in?! And what was I going to wear? With visions of period costumes dancing through my head, I decided to keep it simple and stick with a fairly modern room setting. Holodeck 3D was able to do a sitting pose too!

Looks amazing right?!

Except … look at how high my feet are off the ground! Uh-oh, this is totally killing the realism for me. 😦

Fortunately, I made the chair so this is an easy fix! I’m going to make a second chair cushion with no padding where my legs would be squishing the padding normally.

Start by drawing a template on cardboard. Cut out and check the fit in the chair, leaving room for fabric on the sides.

Place the doll on the chair and mark the open areas where you still want padding. Glue layers of felt on to the open areas.

Glue fabric on, being careful to match up the pattern!

Looks a little silly but now the doll fits perfectly! Stay tuned for pictures IN my room box!

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