Using a Thrift Store Frame on my Victorian Roombox

I really wish roombox makers would come out with room boxes that are a standard frame size; 11 x 14 would be perfect! Unfortunately I have multiple room boxes that are bigger than that. One roombox is 14 x 16. I thought I was going to have to buy a custom frame. But then … I found a thrift store frame that was the right size!

This is actually the second time I have experienced this form of serendipity. When I have unfinished room boxes that need frames, I note the sizes in my phone notes program. That, combined with the fact that I carry a tape measure in my purse (it’s even shaped like a house!) gives me the ability to hunt for frames on the fly. And then I will typically spray paint the frames to match. Look at how well this one turned out!

Of course I also have to include close-up pics. I’m loving the camera on my new iPhone X!

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