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25 Uses for Toothpicks

  1. Applying glue
  2. Removing glue
  3. Distressing the painted finish on furniture
  4. Drapery rod
  5. Supports to keep your dollhouse windows open
  6. Carving decorations on clay
  7. Poking holes in clay
  8. Applying tiny dots of paint
  9. ½” scale table legs
  10. Chair spindles and stretchers
  11. make an old-fashioned plate rack
  12. use the fancy toothpicks for pegs on shelves or on a coat rack
  13. as handles for various miniature tools such as shovels or trowels
  14. as the framework for a miniature kite
  15. dripping paint or resin onto surfaces
  16. cut ends off and weave together to make a ½” scale wooden fence
  17. moisten the end of the toothpick and use to pick up small beads and findings
  18. counting stitches in miniature needlework
  19. columns on miniature wedding cakes
  20. the flat kind as miniature chopsticks
  21. glue sandpaper to one and use to sand rounded edges
  22. use to make streaks of paint when marbleizing a finish
  23. use the stub of a toothpick to make a fat candle
  24. as “nails” to hold foamcore together
  25. as a spoon handle sticking out of dough in a bowl

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