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Bathroom Makeover: Displaying Your Miniatures

Despite my husband’s displeasure, I’m determined to get miniatures displayed in every room of our house. Look, if he can walk past a sock on the floor EVERY DAY for a MONTH and not pick it up, he’s not even going to notice miniature room boxes displayed beautifully, right?!

So when I started planning the makeover of our powder bath, I knew one of my room boxes would fit perfectly above the toilet. At 27″ wide, this roombox can’t just be plopped on a shelf. However, with a frame, it becomes a piece of art perfectly sized for a narrow wall.

The roombox is from a Brooke Tucker class: Shopping the Avenue. The facade is paperclay over plywood and the awnings were shaped using a mini Nerf football!

And some closeups of the roombox of course!

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