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Baubles from Bits and Beads

victorian whatnot cabinet 1I’ve been doing Miniatures for 20 years (please feel free to tell me that doesn’t seem possible because I look so young, lol).  I forget all of the wonderful things I’ve learned. This is why I like going to workshops and shows. It gets the creative juices flowing again!

In Feb. I went to a workshop put on by the Society of American Miniaturists (more on that in another post). Seeing all of the things made from jewelry findings was so incredible.  AND helped me solve an unfinished project!  I came home, dug out my “Miniatures beads” box and went to town making things for my Victorian curiosity cabinet.  Here are some of the findings and beads I used.  You may recognize some of them!

Bead caps make great bases while blown glass and gemstone beads are perfect vases.   The porcelain roses are those cheap ribbon roses from wedding favors – I painted them with glass paint to give them a porcelain look.   My favorite glue to use is E6000.  But it is very fume-y so be careful and make sure you have good ventilation!

Here’s how I modified a cranberry glass vase:

Cranberry glass vase + gold tulle stuff inside + bead cap on top = a whole new fancy vase!

What are your favorite beads and findings to use and what do you make with them?

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