I’ve been doing miniatures for over 20 years.  I did it as a hobby for 7 years, then opened a retail store called The Miniature Scene in San Jose, CA in 2003.   It was an amazing, wonderful experience!   I had to close the store in 2006.  (sad face)  But I can’t shut up about miniatures so I’ve started writing this blog.

I love everything about miniatures – the collecting, the making, and the people!   There are so many inspiring artists.  I am the most inspired by:

  • unusual containers
  • placing your creations on display all over your home
  • incorporating miniatures into your home decor

My name used to be Kim Walter.   Then I moved to Texas, met my husband and changed it to Kim Chaplin.   So people know me by both of those names in the dollhouse miniatures world – if you think you’ve met me at a miniatures show, you probably have.  It is a “small world” after all.  😉

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