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Baubles from Bits and Beads

I've been doing Miniatures for 20 years (please feel free to tell me that doesn't seem possible because I look so young, lol).  I forget all of the wonderful things I've learned. This is why I like going to workshops and shows. It gets the creative juices flowing again! In Feb. I went to a… Continue reading Baubles from Bits and Beads

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25 Uses for Toothpicks

Applying glue Removing glue Distressing the painted finish on furniture Drapery rod Supports to keep your dollhouse windows open Carving decorations on clay Poking holes in clay Applying tiny dots of paint ½” scale table legs Chair spindles and stretchers make an old-fashioned plate rack use the fancy toothpicks for pegs on shelves or on… Continue reading 25 Uses for Toothpicks