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25 Uses for Toothpicks

Applying glue Removing glue Distressing the painted finish on furniture Drapery rod Supports to keep your dollhouse windows open Carving decorations on clay Poking holes in clay Applying tiny dots of paint ½” scale table legs Chair spindles and stretchers make an old-fashioned plate rack use the fancy toothpicks for pegs on shelves or on… Continue reading 25 Uses for Toothpicks

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How To: Create a Flagstone Floor Using Paper Clay

  This easy project makes a miniature stone floor using paperclay and a Houseworks plastic flagstone tile sheet.  Learn how to use Creative Paperclay in your dollhouse miniature projects and keep your plastic tile sheets as molds for reusing! I love the Houseworks plastic flooring sheets for their designs but I don't love the plastic… Continue reading How To: Create a Flagstone Floor Using Paper Clay

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How-To: Bedroom Nook From a Gift Box

With these dreamy clouds, I knew some kind of bedroom would be perfect. Also I love, love, LOVE bedroom nooks or cupboard beds. There's something so safe and comfy about them!       First I start with a scale drawing. Clearly I'm no artist! But the important part is getting the size right. You do… Continue reading How-To: Bedroom Nook From a Gift Box