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Baubles from Bits and Beads

I've been doing Miniatures for 20 years (please feel free to tell me that doesn't seem possible because I look so young, lol).  I forget all of the wonderful things I've learned. This is why I like going to workshops and shows. It gets the creative juices flowing again! In Feb. I went to a… Continue reading Baubles from Bits and Beads

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How-To: Bedroom Nook From a Gift Box

With these dreamy clouds, I knew some kind of bedroom would be perfect. Also I love, love, LOVE bedroom nooks or cupboard beds. There's something so safe and comfy about them!       First I start with a scale drawing. Clearly I'm no artist! But the important part is getting the size right. You do… Continue reading How-To: Bedroom Nook From a Gift Box